Last year, I went to Hokkaido trip with my family.

Last year, I went to Hokkaido trip with my family. Our aim is to see the flower garden ranch. The factory which makes popular raw caramel was very impressive. Working in the factory has been devised so that it can be seen from the outside, making raw caramel. The figure that many people made raw caramel was a masterpiece. For myself, Flower field rancher thought only to the extent of observing the raw caramel factory, but there were lots of fun. I enjoyed watching cheese making, eating icecer using raw caramel, seeing various animals, I enjoyed it a lot. In the farm, I saw various animals such as donkeys, horses, pigs, sheep and so on close by. I myself watched these animals for the first time, so I am moved. Animal show seems to have been done, but maybe I should have gone here too. Before going home, I went to the shop. The amount of raw caramel which I have never seen so far has been sold, and there were plenty kinds as well. I also bought lots of raw caramel for souvenirs and went home. I enjoyed Hokkaido 's nature and specialties in one place, it was awesome. I also want to go with my family.
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