First Goal Scorer Betting in Football

Football, or soccer as it is known in some parts of the world, is the biggest sport there is, universally. Many people play it, aspire to play it or watch it, on every continent around the globe. Many football enthusiasts, whether they play at some level or not, love the idea of being able to predict a game’s outcome, and that is why gambling on football matches has become a really popular form of betting the world over.

One thing, however, that puts a lot of proper bettors off of betting on football, is that the odds tend to be short. You may be sure that the Manchester City team that is out there this week will beat the current Everton team (just as an example), but what use is that to you as a gambler if the return on it is just pennies on the dollar?

Instead, football bettors need to refine what they are betting on so that they are predicting something more unusual. This can mean a combination of results in an accumulated type bet, or it could mean predicting something rare, like who will score first or what the score will be at half time.

First goal scorer betting is interesting because even with teams who have a champion goal scorer who it seems is incredible and very reliable, like Luis Suarez has been for Liverpool this year or Robin Van Persie was for Man U last year, you may be upset by something like an own goal, or a weird goal that is attributed to a defender. It is a good bet because you may well see that there is one likely candidate to score that first important goal, but there is also a strong chance something else might happen, and that forces up the odds.

If you like gambling on soccer and you think you know the game, the first goal scorer bet is a good one to have because it uses your own understanding of who is hot and who isn’t at a given time, but it also allows you to profit from the fact that often, first goal scorer can be random. And if you get that weird sense that a certain central defender will score at 100 to 1, why not put that bet on there? It can never hurt and you get the winning gloat if it comes to pass – I knew Ivanovic would get that first one against City…

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