History of Betting

Betting on sporting events or the outcomes of other events has been a popular pass time around the world for as long as the sports and games themselves have. People would bet on the outcome of any kind of race or sporting event almost as soon as these things became popular events in the 1900′s, however it is likely that placing wagers on certain outcomes has existed long before the formal kinds of sport and betting we know today, with the Romans thought to have gambled on the outcome of gladiatorial battles and chariot races long before things like football came into existence.

It is, essentially, in the nature of people to enjoy the idea of winning something by being better than their peers at predicting the outcome of an event, so it is no surprise that gambling became an important part of human culture fairly early on. Now, it tends to focus itself on major sporting events for the lesser, more casual gambler, and regular sporting activities for those who like to ‘flutter’ (as they say in the UK) more often.

With the advent of the internet, betting has become much more accessible and much more time sensitive. Now, not only can you bet on some obscure sport like handball or futsol that none of your friends may be watching, but you can also bet in real time during games without being at the bookmakers the whole times – a total game changer if you are into arbitrage betting. You can also watch a lot of the events you can bet on live if you choose the right online betting site (i.e. one that provides a lot of live event streaming like William Hill or Bet 365), which means that just by being a member of one betting community you can watch a whole lot more sports action.

Betting hasn’t changed a lot since its earliest incarnations – it is still all about staking money on what you believe will happen. However, now, armed with the things the internet age gives you, you can make your predictions really work for you in real time if you pick the right site. As well as that, you need to pick the right gambling style for you. Do you want to stick to a sport you understand, or do you want to simply go on instinct and bet on everything from your team’s next game in Serie A to the Superbowl? Either way, an account with a good online betting site is the best way to start!

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