Roulette Versions and Real Money Options

Roulette is right up there alongside blackjack as a truly iconic casino game. It has the history and the enduring popularity to keep players coming back for more whether on land or online, but we have to say that playing online is a totally different way of enjoying this casino classic. The early online versions of the game were a little bland and basic but the top developers have ensured that their games are constantly evolving to match up to the expectations of players. Now, you have more choice, options, and features than ever before and it’s a great time to be an online roulette player!

Escape the Wait with Online Roulette

One of our pet peeves when it comes to playing roulette at a land-based casino is the time it takes. Even if you’re just putting some cash on black, there’s likely to be someone else at the table with a betting pattern so elaborate that it could be considered to be a work of art! The wheel doesn’t spin until all bets are placed and that can eat up valuable winning time. When playing online however, there are no such problems as virtually every major game from a top developer creates a table specifically for the player. You can take as long as you like or make it as fast-paced as possible, with most games even allowing players to control the speed at which the wheel spins!

Conversely, if you’re the player with the artistic leanings when it comes to betting placement then playing online can be a real time saver. The latest games, such as Premier Roulette by Microgaming, allow players to store their favorite betting patterns, with that specific game allowing for six different configurations. One-click is all it takes to have one of your favorite patterns covering the board with chips, exactly as you set it up initially.

If you want the fastest way to play roulette of all, then Multi-Wheel Roulette could certainly be the way to go. Rather than placing bets, spinning the wheel and rinsing and repeating eight times over, that game gives players the chance to spin up to eight wheels all at once. The same bets apply to each and it is certainly one way of adding a little adrenaline rush to one of the more laid back online casino games!

Play Roulette Online on Mobile

The chances are that if your casino of choice offers online roulette, they’ll also offer a mobile version. These games have been designed specifically with smaller screens in mind and there’s absolutely no compromise when it comes to flexibility and options. You can still adjust the spin speed and still place just about every bet imaginable, making for the total gaming package wherever you happen to be playing!

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