Round Betting in Boxing

Classic boxing, and sports similar to boxing like Muay Thai, have gained a lot of popularity as spectator sports in the last few years, and as you may well expect, have also become of more interest to gamblers. Gambling on boxing or other fighting sports is a concept almost as old as the concept of fighting itself, but now we have new and interesting ways of calculating odds and offering bets on different outcomes, betting on boxing or other fights is far more fair, profitable and interesting than it was at its inception.

The simplest way to bet on a boxing match is to bet on the winner, but in an evenly matched head to head that won’t get you a lot of profit. You may get evens or less on a good boxer – much less on a favourite – and that is only worth it if you have a big stake at hand. If you have less money to bet and still want a good return, and you are confident in a given fighter’s ability, then, it is much better to stake your bet on the number of rounds before a win is determined.

Certainly, this makes it less likely you will win, which is why the odds go up dramatically. But, if you can get it right and your boxer does mange to knock their opponent out, technically or otherwise, in the number of rounds you said, you will be sitting pretty on a much bigger win than if you had staked your cash on him simply winning overall.

All you have to do to place a round based bet on a boxing match is choose the event and boxer you fancy to win, and the round, and submit it as a normal bet at your local bookmakers or on your favourite online betting site. Sites like William Hill and Paddy Power give odds on boxers at all sorts of levels and allow for you to bet on rounds as well, so you should have no trouble finding a place that will accept your bet and also finding out how much you stand to win if you turn out to be correct!

Betting on boxing always makes watching it even more fun and exciting, but if you go for a round based bet you have a little more riding one things – you may even go for accumulators with other bets to turn your small stake into something with even bigger win potential!

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