The Biggest Wins in Online Poker

Playing poker online is great because there is a table for every player at every level. Those who are just learning the game may find it hard to believe, but the best players in the world make millions out of online poker alone, as well as then being able to turn their skills into even bigger earning potential by entering things like the World Series of Poker and even gaining sponsorship. If you are looking for some inspiring figures from the online poker world, here are some of the very best and their estimated earnings:

Phil Ivey is one of the most famous gamblers in the world, and famously once managed to win $11.5 million playing baccarat in London in two sessions, at a swanky Mayfair club. He also has made significant income from his sponsorship by Full Tilt Poker, and his wins in many major poker tournaments. In online poker play alone, and most of this at the high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker, Phil has won an estimated $20 million, making him the world’s biggest online poker champion.

Patrik Antonius is a Finnish poker player who has the record for winning the biggest single online poker pot, which was worth over $1.3 million. He has won an estimated $11 million at online poker plus another $6 million in live tournaments, as well as having been paid a sponsorship salary. His wife, Maya Gellar, is also a well known pro poker player.

Phil Galfond is a player from Maryland, USA who has also won over $10 million in online poker games. He has one World Series of Poker bracelet (the coveted prize awarded to the champions at these events), but tends not to play much on the live poker tournament circuit, preferring the online version of the game. Despite this, he has still made over $1 million playing live games, and has also profitted from poker in other ways, by starting businesses that help train poker players.

These big star players play on high stakes tables and are considered the best in the world, however they play on online poker sites just like anybody else can. With some skill, talent and effort, as well as a little luck, a new player beginning to play online poker today on the low stakes tables could perhaps one day see themselves in among the ranks of these greats!

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