What Is Football Betting?

Football is the most popular sport in the world. In America, people call it soccer, but really, no matter where you are, you know that the sport of football is the one that includes Messi, Ronaldo, and past greats like George Best, Pele, Eusabio, and even David Beckham. As you may expect, then, football is one of the most heavily bet on sports in the world, and one that people all have their own opinions on, as gamblers, in terms of what is a winning strategy.

Betting on football is almost as old as the sport itself, and the sport has existed in even the kind of formal way it exists now for well over 100 years – many of the most established clubs in the world can claim a heritage of well over a century, and even those in newer footballing markets like the US still have teams like Seattle Sounders who have been there for 40 years.

Watching and appreciating what the elite footballing people are doing is one thing, but if you yourself think you can predict the outcomes of some games then you may well be able to make yourself some money. The trick to football betting however is not to choose the right outcome, for example that Man U might beat Crystal Palace or Napoli might beat Sassuolo, but to find a bet that makes what you believe actually worth something.

Many people can say that they think a top team will beat a lower team, but successful football gamblers  who make money from this will be putting wagers on the first goal score, the final score, the half time score and things like these where the odds are longer. They will also be able to boldly match up the results for the whole weekend ahead into big accumulated bets where the stake can be small but the return is big. Get one of these right per year and you may well cover the stakes for all your other bets.

All in all footballing betting is quite complex and can encompass everything from a world cup bet once every four years to a well thought out weekly accumulated flutter. You can gamble at both the simplest and most detailed level on live sport, whether it is football, NFL, hockey, rugby or something else, and that is one of the reasons it is so good to get into!

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